What’s a Sump Pump? Do I need one?

Living in an area with a lot of wet weather can lead to moisture problems in your home. Sump pumps are a great solution. If water pools in your basement or crawl space after rain, or if your home is at risk of flooding, a sump pump can keep you dry. They pump water out before it has a chance to damage your home and impact your health.

A sump pump sits in a sump basin at the lowest point of your home. When water fills the basin during heavy rain, flooding, or even after a pipe burst, the sump pump senses a rise in water. This starts the pump, which jumps into action to keep your home dry. It pumps the water out of your home to somewhere it isn’t a problem, like a nearby storm drain.

Sump Pump

And while the sump pump remains off until needed in order to save electricity, it is extremely powerful once activated. In a case of serious flooding, a sump pump can remove more water in a few hours than could fill an average swimming pool!

Do I need a Sump Pump?

To decide whether you need a sump pump to protect your home, it is worth considering a few factors. The location of your home matters. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, a sump pump may be a good investment. Similarly, a home on or near a floodplain would benefit from the extra protection. Another factor to consider is your personal risk tolerance. The cost of repairing a water-damaged foundation or finished basement can be huge, so mitigating even a small risk might be worth it. And while damage to your property can be expensive, protecting your health is another valuable consideration.

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