Water in your basement? An interior drain can fix that.

Water travels the path of least resistance, and that path might be leading to your basement. There are a bunch of ways water finds its way in, but it’s a problem however it got there. Once it’s in, the priority is getting it out. An interior drain is a great solution, redirecting water that could otherwise start damaging your home and even your health.

How did water get into the basement?

Those living in Greensboro know that the city is often quite humid, and all of that moisture may be finding its way to places it shouldn’t be. Water may have entered your home because of hydrostatic pressure. That’s when water pools around your foundation and pushes moisture through any tiny gap it can find. Heavy rain, the type of soil around your home, and even the grading of your yard may be factors. The most common point of entry is the joint between your basement walls and foundation.

This is why an interior drain can help. It’s installed right at the source of the problem, capturing water before it can cause problems like mold growth, rot in wooden structures, or cracks in your foundation.

Why not put a drain outside?

There are a few key advantages interior drains have over exterior drains. The first is cost. It is much more cost effective to install an interior drain than an exterior drain, around 5 times cheaper. The next is how long it takes to complete the installation. Interior drains take a few days. Exterior drains take a few weeks, with excavation adding a lot of time. And finally, interior drains are sheltered from the elements, making them a permanent solution, while exterior drains take a beating from the weather and will need to be replaced over time. For most, an interior drain is the best option to solve your basement water problem.

Drain to remove basement water

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