Humidity in Atlanta and its unseen effects

Hot and humid days are frequent in Atlanta. And while you can certainly feel the effects on your body, you may not see the effects humidity has on your home. Some spaces are particularly vulnerable. Your crawl space, usually out of sight and out of mind, is more likely to run into moisture and condensation problems at these times.

Humidity in Georgia is well above the national average, so it’s something residents are used to dealing with. And it’s something you need to watch out for in your crawl space. Because your crawl space is much colder than the rest of your home, it acts like a soft drink straight out of the fridge.


The difference in temperature causes condensation. As hot and humid air cools, it can’t hold as much water anymore. This water then ends up pooling in your crawl space, and water down there can create all kinds of problems.

Humidity’s harms

Mold can start to grow, releasing spores that are smelly and bad for your health. Wood can start to rot, eventually needing replacement. And moisture can even accelerate the spread of cracks in your foundation’s concrete. On top of all that, dark, dank environments are perfect for all of the kinds of critters you don’t want in your home, like bugs, spiders, and rats.

Mold, rot, cracks, and critters are no fun to live with. They also damage your home and hurt its value over time. This is why it’s important to look after your crawl space, especially when it’s humid.

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