Our Mission…

To build unique leaders in the construction industry who provide expert, turnkey solutions aimed at preventing the damaging effects of water… because a dry house is the beginning of a healthy home.

Columbia, SC!  Sealing Agents’ foundation coating division leads the industry in innovation and expertise.  Located in 9 regions across the southeast we are always excited to move into another.  Our flagship Charlotte, NC division along with our Greenville, SC division have begun servicing the Columbia, SC region with existing customers and we are excited to add to the demand.  With over 25 years of experience leading our development and services we provide long lasting solutions to mitigate water intrusion.  We offer several systems with attached warranties up to a lifetime renewable with our System 350.  Caleb Hattaway leads the move into the Columbia area with 10+ years of experience to provide you with the best solution for your single home building project or for your large scale commercial housing development.

Call our customer service team today to find out more!  1.800.522.4368

Company Core Values


Believing that we should be the best at what we do, we value excellence over mediocrity.


Believing that all resources come from God, we value responsible stewardship over neglect and abuse.


Believing that our success is tied to the expanding knowledge and influence of our employees, we value creative initiative over apathy.


Believing that we should honor our word and only take what has been earned, we value integrity over dishonesty.


Believing that the “entitlement mentality” prevalent in our culture today is harmful to true success, we value a “privilege mentality” over self-interest.