Time to repair your basement?

If you’ve noticed cracks in the concrete of your basement, it may be time for repairs. These cracks can become points for water to get in, and they can grow over time. If they aren’t fixed, they could even cause structural damage as they grow. Poured Wall Crack Injections are a great way to get a permanent repair without digging up your home.

Is this crack a problem?

Poured Wall Concrete is common in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. It’s a great material, but sometimes cracks. These cracks can seem harmless, but any crack could be a way for water to get where it shouldn’t be. Water intrusion can cause mold to grow and make it more likely a crack will expand. Changes in temperature can cause cracks to grow even further. Once a crack grows big enough, it can threaten your foundation and the value of your home. Injection is the best option to avoid time-consuming, expensive alternatives like excavation. 

How it works


Injection works by filling in the gaps created by a crack. It even works on cracks as big as 2 inches across! First, one of our Agents starts the repair by drilling holes into the concrete at different angles. This ensures that whichever way the crack has formed, there are paths to fill it in. Then they pump in polyurethane foam or epoxy to recreate the insulation, water resistance, and strength of the original concrete. It sets after only a few hours! And now the repair is complete and the concrete is as good as new. The efficiency of this process makes sure that you don’t have to worry about a noisy, inconvenient repair taking days or weeks. It also keeps the cost low for you!

We can help

Sealing Agents has been in the industry of protecting homes from water intrusion for over 25 years. We take all of the lessons we’ve learned during that time and apply them directly to your home, creating pathways for water to move safely around your home, not into it.

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