Waterproofing in Charlotte

For waterproofing in Charlotte, people turn to the trusted professionals at Sealing Agents. We strive always to be the leader in the construction industry, and we can provide the right solutions for your particular problem with water damage that you already have, or that you want to prevent.

Water damage can cause a host of problems in a home; some effects are obvious, and some can show up later with dangerous consequences. A home needs to be dry in order for it to be healthy for all inhabitants, and we can make sure that it is, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, and the benefit of our skill and experience.

Founded in 1996 by Trent Hattaway and Hank Baxter, Sealing Agents has grown over the years to be a leading provider for help with water damage prevention throughout many states. We employ over 130 fully-trained and certified technicians, and we adhere always to strict standards of excellence in workmanship and courteous customer service. We have strong working relationships with both national and regional builders.

When you need waterproofing in Charlotte, you can count on the top-notch team at Sealing Agents to get the job done right. Since we started business we have successfully served over 1,700 customers and 25,000 homes, and the numbers grow every day as our reputation for quality in service continues to grow. We customize our services to fit individual needs so that you always get the results you want. Call today or fill out the form on our website to schedule a free inspection and cost estimate.

Your Guide to Waterproofing in Charlotte, North Carolina explains the problems posed by mold and mildew, and outlines some of the moisture control and waterproofing solutions offered by Sealing Agents.

Mission Statement

To build unique leaders in the construction industry who provide expert, turnkey solutions aimed at preventing the damaging effects of water... because a dry house is the beginning of a healthy home.



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Sealing Agents Waterproofing, Inc. was founded in 1996 by partners Trent Hattaway and Hank Baxter. Over the past decade, we have grown into a multi-state operation with over 130 employees. With 1,700 satisfied customers and over 25,000 homes waterproofed since our existence, we are the company relied on by large national builders and regional builders alike.

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The company has built its strong reputation on customer service we are currently the largest waterproofing company in the Southeast.

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